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2023.12.19Source: SUNZONE

Never Give Up




In order to strengthen the communication and collaboration between subsidiaries as well as departments, and to give full play to the spirit of collective cooperation, under the organisation and leadership of the group company, on 16th December 2023, with subsidiaries as the team, we held our own sports meeting---Jinke's running competition.

Eventhought the weather is not well, but we are not afraid at all. In the chirry winter, the participating colleagues galloped on the track, we united and cooperated, fought for the honour, and relayed to complete the whole race.

This is not only a competition of speed and endurance, but also a reflection of a positive attitude towards life. Everyone sweated and shared the joy and sense of achievement brought by sports. In order to achieve the common goal, they fought hard until the last moment. There will be winners and losers, but at this moment, we are all brave.

During our life and work, we will also encounter different difficulties and challenges, what we need is such a persistent and united spirit. With a healthy body, optimistic and positive mindset to embrace the next every day. Fighting!

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