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2023.07.25Source: SUNZONE

IFA 2023 International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin

2023 International Trade Fair for Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances in Berlin is coming, which is one of the most important international exhibitions in the field of consumer electronics, communication and information electronic technology products in Europe and the world, and provides the best opportunity for European and global consumer electronics sales and purchasers to display, gather and learn about the new product nuclear technology. Shenzhen Sunzone Electrical Appliances Ltd. will bring the 2023 newest model to this exhibition.. 


In the post-epidemic era, smart small home appliances are still in demand and mainstream in the market, and consumers' needs are constantly changing. As an advanced and innovative enterprise in the field of small home appliances, Sunzone is also constantly innovating and developing. On the contrary, in recent years, the demand for heating supplies in winter is exceptionally hot, and the reason behind it is the global energy shortage, the soaring cost of natural gas and other issues.

Traditional central air conditioning heating, to achieve a more comfortable effect, inevitably brings high electricity costs. Portable compact heaters will solve this problem perfectly, with higher safety, faster heating and more money saving.

Shenzhen Sunzone Electrical Appliances Ltd. is an international home appliance enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service, mainly engaged in ceramic PTC heater, air-conditioning fan, fan and other intelligent small home appliance products. We also serve many famous brands. Welcome to visit our booth: H10.1-210, Date: 3-5 SEP,2023


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