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2023.11.17Source: SUNZONE

2023 Nice Trip

Aftert he epidemic, Our company organised a meaningful outdoor activity - Nankunshan trip. In the past few years, the COVID-19 had a great influence on our life and company.Healthy and freedom became a very important topic. According to this activity, all our colleagues enjoyed a nice trip. 





The post epidemic era is an unprecedented challenge and an opportunity for many enterprises and individuals. The epidemic is just passing through, let's not let ourselves become eliminated by the epidemic, reject the negative mentality, the only way to meet the challenge is to rise to the occasion. Our photos recorded countless wonderful moments. We not only experienced variety of group games, but also tasted local delicious foods. We gained more energy from this trip,sourced from the neat lines, the loud slogans, the running bodys, the smiling faces, the classic food and the healing scenery. Escaping from the city's hustle and busy work, we enjoy the short freedom, while embracing the infinite possibilities of the future with a positive mindset. In the work of unity, we create greater achievements by innovation and breakthrough. In our normal life, we should exercise actively, improve our health awareness, cherish the happiness of the moment, and live every day with a grateful heart. With this expectation, our company will get better and better, ate teh same time, we will get better too. Let's work together and towards a common goal and look forward to the next departure.

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